So you need to hire an attorney to defend you? Before you do, please make sure that you have followed all of the proper documented steps listed on the other pages. For one, those steps usually resolve all instances. And secondly, if you have followed all of those steps, you can provide the attorney with important materials that prove you have done everything that you can to resolve this like the law has established.

The list of attorneys that we recommend below, will be growing as this website grows.


Carolyn Wright - is an attorney that can accomplish defending your copyright in most every state. This is all she does and is specialized in this type of litigation only. She has over 10 years of experience in defending photographers.

West Coast (Main Office):
PO Box 440
Glenbrook, NV 89413-0440
East Coast:
PO Box 250208
Atlanta, GA 30325
Phone: 775-589-2229
Fax: 775-580-7322

** IF YOU WOULD LIKE to be listed on this page, you may contact me at 405-703-0704**