Thursday, January 10, 2013

Has someone stolen your photo?

If you have ever browsed the internet and discovered that some idiot was using your photo without your permission, you know the anger and confusion that can be associated. Anger over the fact that someone stole from you, and confusion on what the correct steps are to have it removed.

Now there is a website dedicated to revealing a clear and easy pathway for you to follow. FOR FREE!

It's simple. Choose the category of website where you found your photo, and we present a step by step process to follow.

This video from our official announcement explains why it was built, and shows exactly how it works.

This free website will address what to do if you found your photo on...
  • Someone's Facebook profile, fan page, or group
  • Any website hosted and owned by Google. Like Blogger, Blogspot, YouTube, and Google+
  • Any website owned by Yahoo like
  • Another photographer's free standing website
  • Used in a web advertisement on a business website
What we cannot provide direction on, is what to do if you find your photo used in a magazine, on a billboard, as part of a T-shirt design, etc. We can only provide direction for things found on the internet. (However, refer to this link to show you how to maximize your award for damages)

At the top of this page you will see some links that spell out the process for the categories listed above. Simply choose your category of where you found your photo posted or used, and follow the step by step process listed.

*PLEASE NOTE* This website provides processes for websites and service located in the US, and the entire EU. While this represents most every internet site hosting location on the internet, it does not cover 100 percent of the internet.

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This site was put together for free on a simple Blogger blog site in order to reduce cost. It is completely run and supported by volunteer photographers who just want to help other photographers. Any monetary means needed to keep this site operational are derived from a few adds located around the site.

Do you want to help? Get the word out and post this link to your website, Facebook, Google+, etc.

Are you an attorney? WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please give us a call so we can explain how you can help with very little of your time being required, and retain complete anonymity. We would NEVER just hand out your contact information.